Storytelling workshops

We offer free storytelling workshops to schools, day cares and community centres, in which we: 

1) philosophise with children about what they know about narratives;

2) challenge children's imagination by doing storytelling interactively;

3) ultimately ask children to take the floor and tell a fantasy story to their class peers.

We did this in many schools, daycares, and community centres across The Netherlands. Our experience is that children enjoy it a lot. We record the stories told at 3) and use them as data for our project. In consultation with the parents/caretakers, children, and teachers, we plan an additional session to do more standard narrative understanding and mindreading tests. Children can do this autonomously with a set of tablets or touchscreens.

We have detailed consent and information letters for parents and teachers. If you want to know more about these workshops, drop us a few lines!

Any questions, suggestions, or ideas for collaboration? Contact us at